Saturday, 26 December 2009

Camp Christmas

Took 3 days to build from scratch, what a corker...

... and how could I forget the bar?


  1. Marry/Happy Christmas Ed! And a Happy/Merry New Year.

    - Adrian

  2. Hey. Happy days ed. Welcome to 2010. You're doing the opposite to me at the moment. While you wander the world I'm thoroughly tucked up in Shipham. We have got the land for a communal organic allotment so we need to hunt and gather no longer. I'm off to learn to spin on sunday. We've got a couple of spinning wheels and a loom and are getting local organic fleeces to spin with from a farm on the tops (ex scene of the big green gathering) And Jeff's investigating a village wind turbine. And we have sold our first solar leccy to the grid. Fantastic. And loads of love to you. Watch out for the sandflies. They are BASTARDS!! Wendyxxxx

  3. Ah sweet!!!!! Conmgratulations guys, that sounds like a real milestone for the shipham community. I'd love to see it and you guys, with it, when I get back. Man yous are really living the dream. I've seen lots of this attitude in the Golden Bay, it is the future. As opposed to Sandflies. I have seen too many of them... ;-) At least they conserve beauty