Friday, 11 December 2009

Hayes... Poles... Get some

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  1. Hello Sells,

    Yes, poles really do have no style value what so ever. On my list of things to take on a night out to impress a young lady, walking poles don't even make the top ten. My mum uses walking poles. But then again I've inheritted my dodgy knees from my mum so maybe she's on to something. John we met while doing the Pennines was using poles and as well as being a bit of a nut job was as hard as nails. Also I've always thought they'd be handy for making shleter when sleeping on the ground. It will probably go on the ever increasing list of things I need to buy but this first pay cheque I'm going to get in a couple of weeks won't nearly cover.

    On a slighty different note I'm impressed that the gloves have made it to NZL and are still in one piece and have survived the rigors of being used with straps and poles for 7 days. You must get more than I thought for £7.50...

    Also the fishing mod looks wicked, how well does it work?? After weeks of effort to get weight down how much are you gaining by taking a full reel with you compare to just tying a hook and a length of line to the end loop. Just a thought.

    Enjoy the fresh air mate, being back in the office saps the soul.