Thursday, 5 November 2009

I get my knives back

I stand at the Arms and Explosives desk. The police officer brings Bubbles and Lofty in and rests the two pieces of metal on the on the flat wood.

I do not sit.

I am interviewed for a while, standing. My past, my future, my predicament, the design of the tools, their importance, why I need them, my love for both knives, how you make them, now the weather, airline food, flight times...

The police officer hands me a pen. I sign whatever.

He lifts Lofty and Bubbles up from the desk with two hands, and hesitates. Is it the weight? Does he believe me? Is this going to bite him in the arse? Before I can guess he slowly extends them towards me and puts them in my hand. Is this me getting my knives back? We shake hands and I thank him profusely. It bloody well is.

Back at the flat I inspect every last millimeter of the razor sharp edges, holding the bevels to the light again, checking the grips again. They are perfect. I'm all smiles. It's back on.


  1. Congratulations! Now nobody and nothing can stop you anymore! Wish yuo a good start in NZ! By the way, I'm giving a Mendel demonstration to the board of directors of BT...and I'm slightly nervous...


  2. The who?! Jeez that's pretty high profile! Yeah, I hope it works too ;-)

    Rappers, how's the redesign for linear bearings on the mini coming along? Vik and I have found local suppliers of that 6mm silver steel, 333mm long again, and you can get the iglidure bearings here too! This is fairly amazing ubiquity news. Have showed Vik pictures of the baby (sworn to secrecy) - he likes.

  3. I'm on it, honestly. RS was a bit slow with the order, as soon as the linear bushes arrive I'll run the first tests. You'll get the pictures and results first!

  4. its good to hear that.... you got your knives back. nice posting thanks for sharing this with us.