Saturday, 7 November 2009


Finally!! YES!! Such a long time coming! No more wonder, no more preparation, this is it. The dream is now real, and mine for the taking.

I waltz through another lengthy interrogation about my knives, this time from people in different uniforms. Amazingly both tools pass inspection. Inwardly scream for joy as the sniffer dogs ping away from the 'thing I forgot I had', squelch my boots like a child in the biosecurity stage and nearly hug the guard as all three bags weave unquestioned through the final x-rays.

I walk outside. I see my terrestrial tightrope for the first time, not from google earth this time, not from photos or imaginations in my head, but in the flesh. And I immediately have to ignore it. All this airport concrete hides what I'm looking for. Instead I lift my head to a bright, bright blue sky and high white fluffy clouds. What a day.

I can't get in touch with Ozzie, but this doesn't at all bother me. I smile at the sky. Things will come together anyway, Time is reversed. I can see the future as clearly as I remember the past. I realise that this thing is unstoppable.

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