Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Shopping bags

I don't shop, unless it's for kit. And then I'm a shopper. Its after hours of research and advice and going round in circles. But it's worth it because when I finally find what I'm looking for it's a massive relief because it means I don't have to make it.

As we spend our last few days in Auckland city, Ozzie and I bus around collecting our final essentials. We're recommended Katmandu - a chain of outdoor shops which we spend all of 10 minutes in there before walking out in disgust. I wouldn't trust my life with any of the kit in there, or any of the staff.

Luckily we find Bivouac. A mountaineering outfitters with guys who know their stuff. They only sell quality and we invest in a lot of merino wool and super-light expedition kit. My plate is a single sheet of plastic which, with a bit of origami, turns into a bowl. My plate even has a 10 year guarantee!

That's the thing with this game. You don't shop, you invest.

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