Saturday, 7 November 2009

New roots

I miss my trees. I don't recognise anything here. I am looking at completely foreign plants with no clue as to how to use them. I have to start again completely from scratch. So far I have learnt nikau, ponga, kawakawa, bushman's friend, flax, tangleweed, white wood, reamu, cabbage tree, tea tree or manuca, nostercian and kauri.

I find myself longing to see a soft, pawing, green leaf from a twisted oak, or the dry orange litter from some a stand of beach. Where are my have all my trees gone - why, when I said goodbye to my family and friends, did I not also say goodbye to you too?


  1. Beautiful. Been trying to explain autumn to peoples tropical. Photos of beech best convey my homesickness.

  2. Bindweed, not tangleweed Ed. Also nasturtium and manuka. I had to use the wikireader for spelling nasturtium meself :)

    Vik :v)